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    Leverage your time as a doctor

    Empirical evidence has shown that Covid-19 cases can turn critical abruptly, even after symptoms have improved, often within a couple of hours. With limited capacity, it is challenging for hospitals to proactively keep regular track of symptoms of ambulant patients across rotational shifts.

    HomeNurse is a system for automated regular calls to patients, reporting their symptoms, tracking their conditions on an online dashboard and triggering alarms in critical cases.

    Take action when it is required.


    Patient registration

    Registered patients are called automatically in regular periods to collect their Covid-19 specific symptoms.


    Symptom report & tracking

    Your team of doctors gets an immediate overview of the current condition, checking the regular records on an online dashboard.


    Patient assessment

    Make a direct assessment and take immediate action where required: call or text your patients directly from the dashboard.


    Symptom tracking

    The phone conversation follows the differential diagnosis recommended by the Robert-Koch Institute. It can be easily adapted to your specific needs.

    Scheduled calls

    Keep the overview: convenient functions for search and filtering. Calls are automatically scheduled in agreement with the patient.

    Data protection

    Efficient and absolutely GDPR-conform with possible on premise solutions.

    Automated call simulation

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