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Conversational AI systems

From chatbot to voicebot and sentiment analysis


We consult and provide conversational AI solutions for automatic replies to your customers. We help companies analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and understand, segment their customers.



Automatic text replies to customers

We provide an automatic conversation system capable of replacing 80% human interaction. Our bot combine of latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It can handle not only common FAQ cases but also complicated conversations by taking into account conversations' contexts and continuously learning, improving.



Callbot solutions for call-centers

ChattAI's smart solution for understanding human voice, dynamically converting audio data to text form and vice versa. The bot can process a wide variety of voices: local accents, genders, ages, etc. Which makes the bot more dynamic and natural, suitable for your specific needs.


Data analysis

Sentiment analysis

Our sentiment analysis service can detect users' emotions through text as an efficient social listening tool for companies. Moreover, we also offer solutions on analyzing, classifying and organizing enterprises' data to help you mine meaningful information or predict future trends of your business.


Artificial products to help companies monitor and control media channels, news. Automatically analyze and generate reports of future trends and hot topics.
Integrate intelligent Chatbot, Voicebot,... to improve user experience and examine users' behaviors.


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